Saturday, May 3, 2008

Appliqued Onesie

Well I finally have a sample of an appliquéd onesie! I just finished this up today and am pretty happy with the results. I did it on an old cheapie onesie of Laina's, so the quality of the actual onesie isn't the best and I think that translated into reducing the quality of the appliqué. I also didn't cut out perfect circles and that makes a difference, too. But I think when I get some nice new onesies and sharpen up my circles it will really look nice. Then I can start thinking up fun designs and adding them to my shop!

One tip I wanted to pass along to anyone who does appliqué or wants to try it is to use a paper coffee filter as a stabilizer. To get nice results, it's recommended to use a "stabilizer" behind the material. Well stabilizers are a wee bit expensive, and I found this tip somewhere online that a coffee filter works just as well! Just iron it flat, put it behind the material, sew your appliqué, and then tear off the paper when you're all done. Super easy and super frugal!

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Rhonda said...

Hey, I just wanted to say that I use wonder under when I applique, it's not too expensive and you can find it an walmart, you just iron it to what you are going to cut out, then cut it and peel the other side of the paper off and iron it to your onsie and stitch around, it comes in a couple of different stickynesses, lite and regular, it works really well though and will probably help with cutting out too. let me know if you have any questions.