Friday, July 4, 2008

Labels, Handmade Fair, and Big Kid Leggings!

I've been so busy with custom orders and going on vacation, that I haven't had time to update the blog lately...but today I need to announce three exciting things:

1 - I am in the process of ordering clothing labels for my diapers and leggings! I'm really excited to be doing this as it will add such a nice finishing touch to my items. I have been working on the design of my logo for a while and finally feel that it's worthy of being finalized and put into production. With some background in graphic design, it's hard to actually say "I'm done", but the time has come and I really need these labels. I'm ordering the labels from Jennifer's Jewels at Etsy. I've heard lots of great things about her labels, even from other cloth diaper makers, so I'm really looking forward to getting them!

2 - Part of the reason I'm so anxious to get the labels is that I really want to have them on all my items at the "handmade fair" that I'll be selling at this October! Stella Bini and Laina's Laundry are sharing a booth at this exciting event. I don't have all the details, yet, as Lauren from Stella Bini is putting the whole thing together for us, but I do know it's in the Denver Metro area and it's a craft fair full of all things handmade! Stay tuned for more info.

3 - I am working on making Big Kid Leggings! I've had several requests for them, and I have someone who is willing to be a "tester" for me so I can get these into production! I am really excited to be able to offer adorable leggings for big girls, too! Watch for them this fall.

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