Thursday, November 13, 2008

Expanding Blog

Since Laina's Laundry is a small shop and only has so many updates, and I personally have a LOT of things I would love to share, I'm expanding the intent and content of this blog to not only include shop updates, but also some personal insights, ideas, and notions I feel are worth sharing. For instance, some of the many things I want to share on this blog are my journey researching midwifery and hopefully having a home birth with the next baby (whenever God grants me another pregnancy), organic/natural and good-for-you foods and recipes, my quest to find "real milk" (aka raw milk) in my area, my desire to be more "green" (yes, I know that word is becoming super cliche and trendy right now), reduce, reuse, and recycle, etc, becoming more aware of my body and what I put into it and how I treat it, and many other things that have been swimming around inside my head and keeping me up at night. Maybe if I have an outlet for those thoughts here in this blog, I can put them to rest at night and actually get some sleep!

My hope is that many people would find and read this blog and be able to share their knowledge and experiences with me as well. Some of you are probably thinking "wow, this chick is super crunchy and I don't know how I feel about that", but I hope that you will still stay a while and see things from anther perspective. On the surface, I don't normally think of myself as being hippie, crunchy, green, or whatever the trendy term is lately. But maybe deep down, I really am. There is something about being a little unconventional, going against the grain, counter-culture. I think my parents would tell you that this isn't new for me. In reality, even true Christianity is about as counter-culture as you can get. I really do want to strive to walk in true Christianity. I know that may have little to do with the things I mentioned above. But maybe it all still fits together somehow in making up the conglomerate person that is me.

So sit back and stay a while as this blog, and myself, evolve into something more, something responsible and full of information to share, and hopefully something beautiful.



Beth said...

I am so glad you'll be using this space as an outlet for al of those cool thoughts you have!=D

Brianna Heldt said...

SO excited to read your thoughts!