Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lessons for a Healthy Life from Ikaria

I saw a great Dateline about a tiny Greek island called Ikaria and what it's inhabitants do to maintain their health and live long and well. Here are the eight tips summarized, but be sure to check out the full article (with video), too.

1. Fresh goat's milk (straight from the goat, not pasteurized)
2. Mountain living (work hard and lead an active life with everyday moderate-intensity activity)
3. Mediterranean diet (veggies, fruits, whole grains, olive oils)
4. Lots of healthy greens (greens high in antioxidants abound on the island)
5. Drink herbal teas regularly
6. Get lots of sleep (napping is commonplace)
7. Take your time (have a low sense of time urgency)
8. Embrace community and family

I love them all and want to incorporate each and every one of them into my life and my family's life. In reality, it might only be possible to practice a few of them. But I will do what I can little by little and keep adding what I can to the mix as we go along.


Erin said...

Speaking of healthy eating ... how goes the goat milk? It is legal in WA to sell raw milk, but I haven't yet found a place to buy it. I am intrigued since Matt's doctor recommends goat milk and the store stuff is so "goaty" tasting. Joshua wants us to get our own goats and chickens too. I'm not sure I'm ready for all that!

Jenna H said...

well I was trying to get on the waiting list at a local farm but then Jay lost his job so we held off on it. You can go here to get a listing of raw milk farmers in your area:

the espinozas said...

sounds good; that's my kind of livin'.=) we finally got our property fenced in anticipation for smaller animals. a goat would be my choice for a milking animal. we have heard lately it's not worth the work, but i think it is worth a try. and that comment is nice to hear. thanks, jenna, for the summary. i particularly like #7.

Jenna H said...

who says it's not worth the work?! My parents had 2 Nubians when I was growing up and I don't remember them complaining about the work. I would LOVE to have a goat of my own! They also keep the weeds eaten and are friendly!