Saturday, July 18, 2009

Washing Cloth Diapers is Simple :)

Here is a great short article on washing cloth diapers. It really does not have to be complicated! This was written on the blog of a super cute little cloth diaper store that my friend and I went to go visit in Boulder, CO. It's called Bundle. How cute is that?


the espinozas said...

great post! it is always nice to hear it short, sweet, and effective. i would love to have a "way" to clean the build up off at home though (like when i was experimenting with creams during my baby's diaper rash stretch; btw, i am pretty sure the rash was brought on due to all the antibiotics, and her body is still not back to normal. it's sad, and i need to figure out what to do there.) do you have a recommended method for this kind of cleaning at home?

Jenna H said...

Amy - I'm so sorry to hear of the rash and the cream mess :( Unfortunately, I don't know of a good way to strip diapers at home, other than turning your water heater up to the max and trying that. Maybe with some baking soda in the wash??