Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Card Recycling

The credit for this idea goes to my mom, but I get to blog about it. Instead of throwing away your Christmas cards this year (or saving them in a box for who knows how long in the basement...), re-purpose them by making gift tags for next year! Pick cards that don't have any writing on the back of the design, and go to town cutting strips or shapes out of your favorite parts. Below are some examples that I just got finished with. Certain photo cards even work great, like the one pictured - you can remove the photo to keep and cut up the border into tags. It's brilliant. You'll never have to buy another gift tag again, and you're helping cut down on waste. Thanks, Mom!


Mike and Rachel said...

It looks like your energy level has picked up. I have been begging for bedtime since 2ish! Happy New Year, again.

Beth said...

Cute Idea!

The Espinozas said...