Friday, October 23, 2009

Moroccan Tagine Recipe

I tried this Moroccan Tagine recipe from Mothering Magazine the other night and it was good enough to post about :) I made a couple changes - I used a whole, small onion instead of 1/2, used agave nectar instead of sugar, used a decent-sized butternut squash (not small), and only about 1/2 can of garbanzos (because that's all I had on hand). Next time I think I will make it vegetarian and omit the chicken. It could be a pregnancy thing for me right now, but I didn't really think the chicken complimented the dish. I would also use a lot more onion, like at least one big one. And if you use agave, use less than called for as it is sweeter than sugar.

But, the good part - the butternut squash was delicious, and even though the spices and flavors were simple, it really came together well for a great autumn meal. And it's fast. Like 30 minutes fast if you do your chopping during toddler's nap times :) Which makes it a great weeknight meal, too.

(Just a note on the pic in the link - that is absolutely not what the dish looks like, not sure where that picture came from but I don't think it belongs with that recipe.)

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