Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting Outside

This is going to sound slightly silly, but I love my new retractable clothesline! I love how it gets me outside in the sunshine. We have a great little water feature behind the line (you can sort of see it in the photo) and it actually feels therapeutic to hang the laundry and listen to the soothing water sounds. Being outside in the fresh air with spring's greenery all around is a simple way to "pause" in my day and get new perspectives. The other plus of hanging diaper laundry is of course the natural stain-fighting power of the sun and the clean freshness you get from hanging diapers outside. I wish we would have hung the line when Laina was in diapers. (And if you're wondering why none of the prefolds are embellished, it's because they are all new infant-sized ones that we bought for our new baby, and of course I have not had the time to pretty up our own personal stash yet.)


lulu and family said...

i can relate with all you shared about using the line.=) we have 70+ neighbors impressively using theirs on warm, sunny WINTER days even! only in sunny colorado??=)

Mary Q Contrarie said...

Air dried clothes are the best. I did not replace my dryer two years ago when it died. I now am a master at moving the clothes drying rack to different locations in the yard and house to take advantage of the best drying spots.

It has almost become a game with the kids to see where has mom hung the laundry today. lol.

All us mom's need a little time for ourselves as we work through out the day and what a nice way to get it while getting the laundry dry.